Hanging up the Jersey


Volleyball has been my life since high school. I have given my all to this sport for 15 years and the last seven have been playing professionally overseas. It hasn't been the easiest road for me, but along the way I have been given the priceless ability to travel the world, meet some amazing people, and play the sport I love for a living. It has been incredible. Also along this journey I had to sacrifice a lot; time spent with family, my body, and missing weddings, babies being born and even funerals. I wouldn't take back any of it, for I have learned and experienced so much joy and growth throughout. I wouldn't be the person that I am today without it all. 

There were so many reasons why I feared stepping away from playing. I feared losing my identity and the recognition that comes with being a pro athlete. I learned that a lot of reasons I feared retiring were superficial and that's ok. I have learned so much about myself in this process; most importantly that there is nothing to fear at all. I have had a career I can be proud of and walk away with life experiences that no one can teach me. I am so excited for this new chapter in my life. I am ready to heal this body back to health instead of just coping with nags and pains, to experience being a full-time wife (ha!) and be home for the holidays, to get a dog (yes we got a dog - get ready instagram) and so much more that I have never gotten a chance to enjoy before. I am also ready to announce that I will be a working gal! 

Like I said before, pro volleyball has given me so much, and I was able to land a really cool gig with an amazing company called BSN Sports. Based in Dallas but a nationwide company, BSN is the number one company for providing all team sports with top of the line equipment and apparel, from the middle school level all the way up to college. They have just expanded their volleyball division and hired me as their Brand Ambassador for Volleyball. I will be traveling around the country putting on coaches clinics and making appearances at all the best tournaments to help grow this sport throughout the nation and help coaches in every way. I am so excited to be able to continue working within the volleyball world to continue to grow the sport. It is so near and dear to my heart and I can't believe that life after pro volleyball leads to more volleyball!

I have such a passion for our sport. I will most definitely be crossing over to the beach game more and more, and continue to coach, inspire and mentor young girls to achieve their highest abilities in life. I am excited to also be able to focus on my singing career even more and give my all to the new music I will create. I have a lot of fun stuff up my sleeve, and I want to thank the universe for conspiring to make my dreams a reality daily.

Thank you for those that have followed me throughout and for those that stick around for new and exciting things. I want to expand my network and grow in every way possible, so please reach out in the contact tab or through my social media links below. 

Love y'all!