Juliann's Journey - VLOG Series

Good morning America! 

I finally started my VLOG series that I have been trying (and failing) to start for a while now. I am so happy I have finally gotten around to it! It's such perfect timing with the start of a new volleyball season, a new country to explore and lots of new experiences to be had. I can't wait to share with you each week! 

I appreciate all of the comments, likes and subscriptions to my channel. It really means a lot that you would follow and support me on my journey; a journey towards bettering myself as a volleyball player, singer, friend and human being. I truly value this time that I am able to see the world while doing what I love at the same time. It grants me such a fresh outlook on life and teaches me to value the relationships I have now, and will create throughout. I hope that I can give you an itch to travel, a taste of what its like to play abroad, or just some really good entertainment! Whatever it is, I am glad you're here with me. 

So much love from Kurobe, Japan.